Sunday, 28 April 2013



SO sorry for not posting anything last night, things got a bit hectic and my time management skills were put to the test and obviously i suck at it. anyway, still in my quest to raise the flag for my three favourite icons i do not come empty handed. the last woman who i truly feel is worth a mention is Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, but you can call her Coco.

IF YOU know nothing about her, but that she was a fashion designer, whose children must be very well pampered, let me educate you. firstly she didn't get round to having kids so her empire is now run by Alain & Gerard Wertheimer, decedents of  Pierre & Paul Wertheimer, who helped her establish the perfume line. Starting off as a shop assistant, Coco went on to become a leading pioneer in women's fashion. i like to call her fashions mother because had it not been for her we would still be wearing corsets and stuff...can you imagine me, wearing a corset? i don't like wearing bras let alone having my entire body squeezed in a hot stuffy full body corset 24/7.

could u just imagine...UrGH!

ANYWAY post WW1 Coco decided that it was too bothersome for women to wear elaborate dresses that needed 15 maids to put on. it was too expensive too. so she made fashion simple. affordable materials and simple yet classy designs became the norm. thank G-D for the war...well not for the war, but, oh bother! you know what i mean. i mean had it not been for the war we wouldnt have pants. there!

"I gave women a sense of freedom," she once said. "I gave them back their bodies: bodies that were drenched in sweat, due to fashion's finery, lace, corsets, underclothes, padding.
IN 1957 she was honoured with a Neiman Marcus Fashion Award, award that is given for distinguished service in the field of fashion. she was the sole winner in that year. understandably too. she saved us! her life has been depicted in many films, stage acts and novels. i myself first learnt of Coco's greatness in the 2008 movie Coco  Chanel.

COCO is known for risk taking and dancing to her own tune. she was one of the first to start sun tanning as a way of showing a privileged life. she came up with the little black dress. it still lives on and now is even one of my go to pieces for every dinner, date and party.

the Givenchy version
the chanel bag, named 2.55 after the date of the bag's creation: February 1955, was created so she could free up her hands when walking. i don't know about you Smears, but I'm eternally grateful for this one.

every detail of the bag had a story to tell

SHE started making her own jewellery,drawing inspiration from her own immaculate collection. she said "its disgusting to walk around with millions around the neck because one happens to be rich. i only like fake jewelry...because its more provocative."

“I want my jewelry to be like ribbons, supple and capable of being taken apart.”

Chanel Noued necklace.

IT hasn't been all fun in the life of Mademoiselle Chanel. on top of a series of failed love stories :"( she was also accused of being a Nazi agent. there is still much controversy about this, but there has never really been any proof. In September 1944, Chanel was called in to be interrogated by the Free French Purge Committee but due to lack of evidence was released. On her return home she is quoted as saying "Churchill had me freed." she may genuinely have had no involvement, but it could be that her legacy is very well protected.

SPEAKING of quotes, one of the things i love most about my last icon was her ability to make anything that came out of her mouth sound deep and philosophical.

WE all know at least one of her quotes. one of my favourites is "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different" and the other can be found at my facebook page under "about". i love quoting her because she made fashion so straightforward and less OTT. i love her witty out looks and the wise words she imparted about love and life in general.

WHILE we know she wasn't as rosy as my other two icons, she never pretended to be something she was not. her strict, perfectionist, no nonsense attitude made me admire her, and is the reason she still has a large following 42 years after her death.

I HOPE that when i die i can have everyone i cared about remember me for greatness, for loving, for being unique and for being wise. tell me what your fave icon once said that made you look at things in a new light. What do u want your legacy to be? 'till next time,


Friday, 26 April 2013



I JUST couldn't wait to get started on today's blog entry. since late last night, Ive been up thinking of all the wonderful things my next lovely lady has groomed me to believe in. she oozes style. she can take looks straight from the runway onto the streets without ever being a fashion victim! today's stylista is non other than Miroslava Duma

only she would look proper with two crossovers! moment of silence for the dress entire friggin outfit!!
 MIROSLAVA is and has always been one of my FirmFashionFavourites. while the Russian beauty is the daughter of a powerful Senator, her tastes, however, are that of a Tsaritsa. she is often caught sporting labels YSL, Miu Miu, Alexandra Wang and Prada. she is a humanitarian and has started her own foundation called Mira's Planet. nothing i love more than beauty with brains.

MIRA, as she is more popularly known, is the former editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia. she is now a freelancer for the greats like OK Magazinee, Talter and Glamour Russia. she also thankfully started her own style website (sadly its all in some weird foreign language) and in October of 2010 she also became a mom!

AND YES,while we all love her for what she does, her unique almost other-worldly fashion sense is why she is on my list. Mira's laid back street chic had me fall madly in love with her. her attention to detail is amazeballs

with Vika Gazinskaya
NOTICE how she always adds statement pieces to every outfit, be it a chunky necklace,
or a cute bag that demands attention,
no one looks as good in winter as she, but can you just look at those bags!
this girl has accessories on point. it also cant hurt that she looks like a porcelain doll..

SHE always shows her Russian descent with bright colours and bold prints,

vintage look #1 stays winning

NOT forgetting her love for all vintage thing!

girl wear your crown!
 ALL i know is the fashion world should be grateful that such people exist. i know i am.

remember what i said about "straight from the runway onto the streets"? yea...
THANKS Mira, for teaching us that in fashion, you have to be your own person...why does your fashion icon inspire you? tell me.

most (5/all) pictures courtesy of Blame It On The Boogie

Thursday, 25 April 2013



I'M BACK again and today I'm giving credit where it's due.. Remember how in my first blog post i talked about "giving back to the style icons who honed me"? no? okay, before you go any further here's a link you need to follow. . great you are back, hope you subscribed while you were there :) but like i said today I'm dedicating my post to one of three of my top three stylistas who are none other than (in no particular order): 
2) M******** D**A
3) C*C*  C****L
you wondering what those asteriks are for right? well its to protect my three day feature DUH!
THESE 3 women are responsible for almost every choice ive ever made both fashion and non fashion wise. and this is my tribute to them. first up, "My Girl B!".

gracing the pages of Elle Magazine

THIS South African diva has been honoured with various awards including the Glamour Woman of the Year 2012 and an SA Style Award 2011. Her more sophisticated yet laid back look and sex appeal both on and off the red carpets earned her a spot on my top three. from presenting on a kiddies show to gracing the cover of prestigious magazines like SEVENTEEN SA, FHM  & ELLE? something has gotta give.

SHE is a YFM radio DJ, a Presenter on Top Billing, the host of "Clash of the Choirs" AND a well known Christian Louboutin addict, this is certainly a girl on the move (stylishly of course).

I JUST love everything about her, from her killer wardrobe and shoe collection, to her smile, to her being a go-getter..EVERYTHING!
Rocking LV from head to toe at NYFW

What i love most about Bonang, is that she is not just a pretty face. she is a motivational speaker, travelling across borders inspiring women. i missed her talk in Gaborone...had a headache the whole of the next day *sigh*. she coaches aspiring media personalities at On Cue Communications and is an ambassador for Nelson Mandela International Day. The girl's even made it on Forbes list for 13 Influential African Celebrities To Watch Out For In 2013. Damn! I wish i could make it on to Forbes list. who do i have to talk to?

The South African beauty launched her own reality series on You Tube in 2011 called B*Dazzled becoming the first SA celeb to do so, and yes, i was a dedicated fan...shoot me! *as i await new episodes*.. hurry up B! did i mention she has her own production company, Bonang Matheba Entertainment? The lady means business. Still, girlfriend, I think you work too hard..


P.S. don't forget to post on my facebook page who you think the other two stylistas are (#3 is a dead giveaway, literally).stand a chance to get a shout out in tomorrows entry and tell me who your style icon is.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

bye-bye HIGH hello LOW LOW LOW

LADIES a red flag is flaring! Gone are the days of sky high stilettos...the world fashion board (WFB) now says that heels on the south side of 4" (inches) are in.. my reaction well......I'm on the fence..

ON THE up side, we will stop having to suffer for the sake of fashion. in fact i think for the first time since my birth it will be okay to be comfortable!!! no more wobbling through the mall, no more aching calves and corned toes. well actually corned toes might be on the rise for a bit, but point is it will now be okay to wear kitten heels so my mum can re-join the fash-parade now, and i can stop living in fear of finding these cute.

 picture courtesy of
Urban Girl Squad Style

ON THE DOWNSIDE HOWEVER!! khamaan lets face it,there is no excuse for kitten heels EVER! my motto has and always will be 3inches or higher! my twitter handle is @5inch_NEON for Pete's sake.. even 3 inches is a stretch for me and the only reason i ever say that is so those who cant wear anything higher can feel good about themselves.. shh don't tell them! what peeves me off more is Ive never seen anyone except old lady people (no offence to the old ladies) pull them off and TBH the only reason they themselves wear them is in fear of breaking something. so why do these things keep coming back?!

ALSO is it just me or are the baby heels more expensive than the acceptable looking babies? its probably 'cuz their pinkie sized heels are crafted more gently..yep that's the reason. ill admit,  there is occasionally a really cute kitten out there, but ruling out skyscrapers just isn't just!

ANYHOW it still remains to be seen how far this  trend will go and what will come out on top. personally i like my heels like i like my man, tall and with a red hot passionate sole!
Besides, i think its obvious..  1 is clearly not bigger than than 5...whats your take smears?

I know this is just a cartoon, but I rest my case :)
THANK you  GOOGLE!! :)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013



I'M NEW HERE.. My name is Amantle Mapoka. i understand that for some this might be a little hard to pronounce, its a Tswana name meaning "they are beautiful" (i don't know what exactly because I'm a far cry from looking like Beyonce or having a closet like Bonang Matheba who is my all time "stylespiration", but hey every daughter is their parents little princess right). for this blog, however, i prefer to go by Fash-amy (yes im a fan of pitch perfect). IDK how that is a better alternative to my name but i like it..

THE name Fash-amy resonates who i want to be one day. the actual name of the blog, however, screams the exact opposite. the name Smeared Lipstick came along because that's just how i see myself in the topsy-turvy always-changing world of the general world. a smear, an unwanted stain. Trust me, i do not have low self esteem, in fact i have a really loud outgoing personality. its because the fashion world is forever changing and sometimes i just get a little confused. its not even that i feel unwanted as such its that i try by all means not to get left behind, and somehow i end up being like that one guy responsible for the traffic jam. maybe its because im always trying to follow someone elses' lead. now i think its time i danced to my own tune. 

When i googled smeared lipstick to see if I'd get sued for stealing someones name (glad to say I'm the first person to think of this), it turns out that its an actual makeup look. Apart from my initial surprise, i felt a fuzzy feeling and i would've broken into dance too had it not been for my uterus going through its monthly 'suicidal' phase thing. There is a place for us all after all!

I love fashion and all things related and 'Smeared Lipstick' is actually my first step in that direction. its my way of giving back to all the style icons who have honed me to love beautiful things. its also my way of being more productive with my time, rather than rotting away in front of my laptop just drooling at clothes i cant even afford, id rather focus my attention on rotting away at my laptop talking about clothes i cant afford...its more respectable :)

IM still trying to find my feet. im at that point where im not sure if i want to be the sounding board hearing other peoples opinions or the speaker. so if u thinking "so-far-so-good" please by all means comment, share&like, just do whatever it is that needs to be done so i can discover what works for me. Positive criticism is also welcome, unless its about my blogs appearance, I'm working on that :) i do have a facebook page as well so please do me the honours. just follow the link below. alternatively u could always just follow me personally on twitter, my handle is @5inch_NEON.
For now though its good bye and God bless till I'm next hit by a meteor or just till the next wave of inspiration comes my way. Remember lipstick stains are not always a bad thing. Unless they don't belong to you and are accompanied by cheap perfume!