Wednesday, 24 April 2013

bye-bye HIGH hello LOW LOW LOW

LADIES a red flag is flaring! Gone are the days of sky high stilettos...the world fashion board (WFB) now says that heels on the south side of 4" (inches) are in.. my reaction well......I'm on the fence..

ON THE up side, we will stop having to suffer for the sake of fashion. in fact i think for the first time since my birth it will be okay to be comfortable!!! no more wobbling through the mall, no more aching calves and corned toes. well actually corned toes might be on the rise for a bit, but point is it will now be okay to wear kitten heels so my mum can re-join the fash-parade now, and i can stop living in fear of finding these cute.

 picture courtesy of
Urban Girl Squad Style

ON THE DOWNSIDE HOWEVER!! khamaan lets face it,there is no excuse for kitten heels EVER! my motto has and always will be 3inches or higher! my twitter handle is @5inch_NEON for Pete's sake.. even 3 inches is a stretch for me and the only reason i ever say that is so those who cant wear anything higher can feel good about themselves.. shh don't tell them! what peeves me off more is Ive never seen anyone except old lady people (no offence to the old ladies) pull them off and TBH the only reason they themselves wear them is in fear of breaking something. so why do these things keep coming back?!

ALSO is it just me or are the baby heels more expensive than the acceptable looking babies? its probably 'cuz their pinkie sized heels are crafted more gently..yep that's the reason. ill admit,  there is occasionally a really cute kitten out there, but ruling out skyscrapers just isn't just!

ANYHOW it still remains to be seen how far this  trend will go and what will come out on top. personally i like my heels like i like my man, tall and with a red hot passionate sole!
Besides, i think its obvious..  1 is clearly not bigger than than 5...whats your take smears?

I know this is just a cartoon, but I rest my case :)
THANK you  GOOGLE!! :)