Tuesday, 23 April 2013



I'M NEW HERE.. My name is Amantle Mapoka. i understand that for some this might be a little hard to pronounce, its a Tswana name meaning "they are beautiful" (i don't know what exactly because I'm a far cry from looking like Beyonce or having a closet like Bonang Matheba who is my all time "stylespiration", but hey every daughter is their parents little princess right). for this blog, however, i prefer to go by Fash-amy (yes im a fan of pitch perfect). IDK how that is a better alternative to my name but i like it..

THE name Fash-amy resonates who i want to be one day. the actual name of the blog, however, screams the exact opposite. the name Smeared Lipstick came along because that's just how i see myself in the topsy-turvy always-changing world of fashion...in the general world. a smear, an unwanted stain. Trust me, i do not have low self esteem, in fact i have a really loud outgoing personality. its because the fashion world is forever changing and sometimes i just get a little confused. its not even that i feel unwanted as such its that i try by all means not to get left behind, and somehow i end up being like that one guy responsible for the traffic jam. maybe its because im always trying to follow someone elses' lead. now i think its time i danced to my own tune. 

When i googled smeared lipstick to see if I'd get sued for stealing someones name (glad to say I'm the first person to think of this), it turns out that its an actual makeup look. Apart from my initial surprise, i felt a fuzzy feeling and i would've broken into dance too had it not been for my uterus going through its monthly 'suicidal' phase thing. There is a place for us all after all!

I love fashion and all things related and 'Smeared Lipstick' is actually my first step in that direction. its my way of giving back to all the style icons who have honed me to love beautiful things. its also my way of being more productive with my time, rather than rotting away in front of my laptop just drooling at clothes i cant even afford, id rather focus my attention on rotting away at my laptop talking about clothes i cant afford...its more respectable :)

IM still trying to find my feet. im at that point where im not sure if i want to be the sounding board hearing other peoples opinions or the speaker. so if u thinking "so-far-so-good" please by all means comment, share&like, just do whatever it is that needs to be done so i can discover what works for me. Positive criticism is also welcome, unless its about my blogs appearance, I'm working on that :) i do have a facebook page as well so please do me the honours. just follow the link below. alternatively u could always just follow me personally on twitter, my handle is @5inch_NEON.
For now though its good bye and God bless till I'm next hit by a meteor or just till the next wave of inspiration comes my way. Remember lipstick stains are not always a bad thing. Unless they don't belong to you and are accompanied by cheap perfume!