Friday, 26 April 2013



I JUST couldn't wait to get started on today's blog entry. since late last night, Ive been up thinking of all the wonderful things my next lovely lady has groomed me to believe in. she oozes style. she can take looks straight from the runway onto the streets without ever being a fashion victim! today's stylista is non other than Miroslava Duma

only she would look proper with two crossovers! moment of silence for the dress entire friggin outfit!!
 MIROSLAVA is and has always been one of my FirmFashionFavourites. while the Russian beauty is the daughter of a powerful Senator, her tastes, however, are that of a Tsaritsa. she is often caught sporting labels YSL, Miu Miu, Alexandra Wang and Prada. she is a humanitarian and has started her own foundation called Mira's Planet. nothing i love more than beauty with brains.

MIRA, as she is more popularly known, is the former editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia. she is now a freelancer for the greats like OK Magazinee, Talter and Glamour Russia. she also thankfully started her own style website (sadly its all in some weird foreign language) and in October of 2010 she also became a mom!

AND YES,while we all love her for what she does, her unique almost other-worldly fashion sense is why she is on my list. Mira's laid back street chic had me fall madly in love with her. her attention to detail is amazeballs

with Vika Gazinskaya
NOTICE how she always adds statement pieces to every outfit, be it a chunky necklace,
or a cute bag that demands attention,
no one looks as good in winter as she, but can you just look at those bags!
this girl has accessories on point. it also cant hurt that she looks like a porcelain doll..

SHE always shows her Russian descent with bright colours and bold prints,

vintage look #1 stays winning

NOT forgetting her love for all vintage thing!

girl wear your crown!
 ALL i know is the fashion world should be grateful that such people exist. i know i am.

remember what i said about "straight from the runway onto the streets"? yea...
THANKS Mira, for teaching us that in fashion, you have to be your own person...why does your fashion icon inspire you? tell me.

most (5/all) pictures courtesy of Blame It On The Boogie