Saturday, 25 May 2013



I REALISE that 70% of my entries begin with I'm sorry, but that's because i really am sorry. i spend my days rotting away in front of some sort of screen and as lazy as it makes me seem, that is where my big ideas and waves of inspiration come from. they radiate out of the screen, into my eyes, join to a nerve and get shot up into my brain. like really I've watched "Little Black Book" so many times now i can almost see Brittany Murphey doing cartwheels in the living room almost as if she is trying to tell me that i need to add spice to my life. so watch YOUR screens because I'm buzzing right now.

ANYWAY, I'm proud of myself today because i actually managed to get some vitamin D. yes, SMEARS. today i felt the sunlight hit my skin. i was invited to a birthday lunch. AoneTheFashionPoet celebrated her day with a few friends. if you don't know who she is, be ashamed and redirect yourself here. the evidence is as follows (There is a lot so brace yourself):

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I KEPT 'the look' (if you will) very simple. i threw on a little red dress, a little jacket since it was a bit chilly and some brogue heels (which you obviously cannot see). minimal accessories were the order of the day. actually that's kind of the order of any of my days really.



WHEN it was my turn to dish, I pretty much added as much as possible to my plate then added a salad in an attempt to balance it all out.. the food was scrumptious. *thumbs up* ...

moment of silence for the handbag cake *hysterical shrieks of excitement* looked to cute to be eaten so no one got a bite .

we all left it, still whole, to bask in its own majesty. wait? what?

I totally forgot to mention there were boys too..anyway moving on! :")


AND that was my day lovelies. summed up into plus minus a million characters or so. it was fun seeing all the familiar faces (boys too) that lack of school and other human interaction had
left me missing. don't forget to subscribe via Bloglovin dearies. I had a fabulous time. Thanks A!