Sunday, 26 May 2013



YOU know me well enough now to know that i love having segments here on SMEARED LIPSTICK. and I'm pretty excited about this one. 'Musical Sundays' is to be a weekly installment every Sunday about 5 songs that i was either jamming to during the week or those that I feel need to get a little recognition. music is a universal language and as you will soon see I'm quite the linguist, nothing too extreme (no Khoi-San mixes here). today there is a bit of everything so here goes

FIRST up is Turn It Down by KASKADE ft Rebecca&Fiona. the love i have for this song and the "white girl" dance moves is tremendous.

SECOND it's Icona Pop with I Love It.
okay this song is super annoying and strangely endearing at the same time,but you know what "i don't care! i love it!"

THIRD its the one with Blackcoffee *eek*
Bucie is my girl crush so i especially love the fact that she did some vocals alongside Demor and Zakes Bantwini. I'm a house junkie, but sometimes you just need to let the track slow down your life a bit and that's why i love it.

Christina Perri - Arms is FOURTH. I watch the Bold and the Beautiful religiously and i especially love this song because its the title track to Liam and Steffy's relationship. *so cute*

AND LASTLY, whats a Sunday with no soul.. Sade with By Your Side. I'm actually torn between this song and Sweetest Taboo because they both mean a lot to me. so i sent Sade a telepathic promise to add it next week.

I CONCLUDE by asking you all to tell me what you think. what did you listen to this week? TWEET ME!