Sunday, 2 June 2013



WELCOME back to MUSICAL SUNDAYS where I'm gonna be throwing you back in time... well, as far back as i can go (I'm only a 90s kid you know). sing with me.

  AS promised SADE with SWEETEST TABOO. she has an amazing voice. she is beautiful and she knows how to to make you feel. i love her (in case you haven't already noticed). this isn't part of the entry as such its more of a tribute really.

  WHAT would an RnB throwback be without these guys? BOYS II MEN with A SONG FOR MAMA. i love them, especially Michael McCarey who was the base vocalist. he makes my life! it was mothers day a few weeks ago and I'm dedicating this song to my mum. love this song. it sums it all up in a few words. my mum is my rock and she always encourages me to follow my passions. she is probably the biggest driving force behind the blog. love you mummy!!

  MR TOO DAMN GOOD!! this song makes you believe in the existence of true love and that true love is for everyone if you just open your eyes to it. its soothes me and i think Gerald Levert outdid himself here. may he RIP and may his music live on forever..

  BREAKUP songs probably don't get any better than this. i love Neyo and if it were up to me (it actually is, lol) all his old music would be up here. SO SICK stays winning. i just hope I'm not going to be singing it while in tears anytime soon.

  YOU didn't really think i was going to leave this out did you? DILEMMA by KELLY AND NELLY was my childhood, is my teenage years and is going to be the death of me. no one can deny the fact that even today when you hear this song you get the urge to sing along.

  THIS is one of those songs that made 2005 beautiful. i was 9 then so it doesn't really hold any special memories but it was a firm favourite in the house and growing up i began to understand why. DESTINY'S CHILD CATER 2 U is a reminder to all ladies out there that sometimes your man needs to be pampered as well.

THAT'S all i have SMEARS! next week there will be a lot of posts because i will be out everyday and so inspiration can hit me at anytime. on other news i finally hit 1000 page views if only that could be translated into follows. *hint hint* do follow at @S_Lipstick on Twitter and like the page on Facebook for regular updates