Saturday, 1 June 2013



I'm not even going to apologise for my silence because you already know how bad i feel. today there won't be any pictures of me or people that i love. just a bunch of random thoughts.

FOR those of you who don't know, I'm born on the 22nd of February so that makes me a Pisces. i generally don't take horoscopes seriously, they are fun to read and all, but they rarely even make sense. Like for real i don't know why I'm supposed to be smiling if Venus and Uranus circle the moon and whatever, but i love to give credit where its due. I've come to the realisation that its when i read my horoscope that i get the best AHA! moments. like today i discovered that in the Pisces sign the fish are always swimming in opposing directions.

FIRST i thought it was just because it made a really cool sign but then the AHA moment came, its because my personality is very contradictory and often we Pisces feel a million emotions all at once. and so while this post has nothing to do with zodiac signs, reading my horoscope today made me feel so much better about my week.

I've been feeling so confused these past few days. I'm happy and reasonably enthusiastic when other people are around, when I'm alone its another story. I'm laughing one minute, in tears the next. reminiscing while trying very hard to forget. I'm gushing and and I'm angry. for Pete's sake if you could eat your feelings, this week would've tasted like a very shitty (excuse my french) custard. it could be because its that time of the month or it could be because there is a thin line between sane and bipolar. however, I'm choosing to just blame the stars.

I had a long hard look at myself after i came across these pics and every bit of them is true. while its very critical, there are some really great things about being of my kind. 

I guess these feelings are validated and justified in their existence. does it mean i always want to feel this way? no. that's not it at all. its just that on those days when i do feel like this i shouldn't be judged and i shouldn't judge myself because its the Pisces way. 

THIS whole post probably doesn't make sense to you, but it makes sense to me and i think that's the most important thing because self love is what i was trying to achieve here. sorry you had to read all of that just for me to come to such a conclusion, but how can i lead my SMEARS forward if i feel stuck. 

BESIDES i did warn you that it would just be me mumbling on and on.

SO whats your star sign SMEAR? has the zodiac ever lifted your spirits? leave a comment, tweet me AND email me..lets discuss you for once.