Thursday, 18 July 2013



IF you couldn't already tell from the title, I'm feeling a little jubilant today. guess which Smear just got accepted to join Independent Fashion Bloggers...

I haven't been posting for a while because other than that I have a tendency of going places with no Internet connection, I've been trying to have a social life with real people. juggling friendships, heartbreaks and all that jazz. throw in college preps into the mix and then marinade with the bitter-sweetness of having parents like mine.

ANYWAY back to the whole IFB thing, I'm feeling so inspired right now. a lot of discouragement has been thrown my way and i was starting to give up on my dream of  Smeared Lipstick and making it a brand, but when someone sees potential in you, it does something to ones spirit you know..lifts it and says "you are better than you know".. it sounds like its no big deal, but they review each and every application and to be accepted you have to wait a few days for an emailed response.. I avoided my email for about 2weeks while i mentally prepared myself for failure.. I finally plucked up enough courage last night and the mixture of joy and disbelief was enamouring. so to the entire IFB team I just want to say thank you. i needed a push.
MY next blog entry is going to take a while, I promise it will be worth it though, because with this recognition comes the responsibility of upping my game. I plan to learn a lot from the IFB community. I'm hoping for a feature soon too. the blog may also go under minor reconstruction. SO BE PATIENT SMEARS, I'm never silent for long.

I love you all, don't be afraid to email me, tweet me, poke me, leave a comment, whatever..go crazy :)