Monday, 2 September 2013

Bittersweet in B&W


IT'S been quite a while since i blogged. only four weeks into university and I've already lost touch with the people and things that are closest to my heart. its not even that they have been forgotten, its  that I've been under a lot of pressure to get accustomed to the quick pace of "big people school". you know, that degree hustle. that's why a bunch of my friends and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner and a cocktail or two, or three... I think some had 5+, so we could just wind down a bit. it was also quite emotional since we were saying goodbye to Miss Fashion Poet, who is on her way to study in China.

ALL the ladies looked beautiful, ditching the sneakers and over sized sweaters for heels, chic blazers and elegant dresses. Hopefully iI'll put up clearer pics soon. we need to do this more often, not just when its time to say goodbye.

GOODBYE Yonie.. you will be missed, keep being your wonderful, kind, fashionable self and you will flourish and make waves in whatever you decide to do in the future. don't stop blogging either, you've got something special in you.

I donned a L(ong)BD with  with black booties and my new favourite thing (that cost me quite a bit) in the whole wide world, my Aldo clutch..

ANYWAY SMEARS I foresee good things for myself. I have previously mentioned some top secret plans for my future and they are finally starting to take shape. I'm literally bursting with excitement. watch out for the big reveal.

FOR the dedicated SMEARS, I'm now on Pinterest and on (personally, not as Smeared Lipstick for both). let me just take a moment to say thank you to my new followers, it means a lot that you think it's worth it and I hope that you stick with me for many years to come.. till next time though, tweet me, email me or do both. I L.O.V.E hearing from you!