Monday, 23 September 2013

Finding Your Niche


SO I've been feeling a little discouraged of late. I recently changed my URL to because someone said to me that my blog was too wordy to be about fashion. for a while I believed them. I thought maybe that's why my numbers aren't so great. and maybe that's why interaction has been low. and then it hit me!

WORDS are my thing. that's MY thing. who said a few words under a picture are what its all about. it is great that some choose to inspire our styles in photos. however, I'm pretty sure there are some really great blogs out there that are wordy and are still very fashion orientated. even if they aren't, mine will be the first. a lot of the responses i get are of people who enjoy my writing and who want more of it. i guess i have to be the change i want to see.

I'm still discovering my self, still at that stage where I'm figuring out what works and taking it one day at a time. some days i will post a pic of myself, but more often than that ill speak, the ones who want to know my thoughts on things like collections and outfits and Fashion Weeks are the true smears. if you go back to my first post you will see what i had originally defined as a SMEAR, someone who isn't very sure about what they are doing in this "topsy-turvy world of fashion", but nonetheless one who is sure that what they do makes them happy. the aim here is to publish audience engaging and thought evoking posts, so to all those who are here for just another personal style blog, Smeared Lipstick is not for you.

BECAUSE of this realisation, I've changed my URL back to the original address, because it doesn't really matter how i do it, the point is i do "do it 4 the fashion". there is a lot to work on (consistency, layout, etc) I know. of course one day (when i have actual places to go) i might change my mind and start posting my daily outfits because, well who doesn't love a good snap. I'm a hormonal teenager, I'm allowed to do that! right now though this is me following my yellow brick road.

HOW have people influenced your thought process, has it been a wake up call like it was for me or was it of water off your back? something to think about till next time.