Friday, 11 October 2013

lust list


AS usual I'm lusting after all the things i can't afford, but who said a girl cant dream right?

BOWLER hats, stylish track pants and these awesome graphic printed pieces from American Apparel. I might just start doing all my shopping from my couch from now on.

LATELY I've developed a fetish for clothes in loud oranges and gold plated belts. so imagine the sheer joy when i found both these things in a play suit, which is also something I've been wanting to try out for a while now. tribal still makes me orgasm and since I've been trying to add colour to my closet (and let go of my confused emo boy-girl thing i have going on) these cute shorts would be perfect. there is also something special about double slits and white lately. all this from

CLEARLY denim is not going anywhere for a very very very long time. leather too! this being advantageous to me for those days when i don't want to be dressed like a lady. what better way to be the trend than to combine the two? my emo alter ego must still be fed. plaid! with summer here tank tops are key. but this one from is just *sigh*

JEWELLERY WISE I'm obsessed with knuckle rings and nail rings.. anything to prettify my fingers. and also body chains and headdresses. I'm not too sure if id be able to rock the body chain, but that's what lust is all about..wanting something to the point of need with no thought of of future consequences and feelings towards that thing once you have obtained it.

 THAT'S it on my lust list..whats on yours? tweet me :P