Monday, 4 November 2013



LATELY I've been inspired to try something new everyday. I get inspiration from all over the Internet, blogs and underground magazines alike. sometime last week I found an image of a woman by the name of Oroma Elewa. I was AMAZED at the beauty of her photographs and went on a surfing spree of over three hours, reading anything that shed some light on her. finally I came upon her blog, Oroma's Therapy, and to put it simply, I devoured it. I learnt that she is a photographer, a fashion forward DJ a former model and editor. her unique hair and vintage Afro-chic style kept me intrigued. in her words "it’s a juxtaposition between cosmopolitanism and tradition."

SO as the week went on and I continued to indulge myself in the exquisite presence that is she, I dove into my closet and was truly struck by the gold that I've been sitting on. Over the past few months I've slowly discovered that I'm happiest when I'm wearing something old, something thrifted or something borrowed. I love the feeling of worn leather between my hands. I love the smell of old perfume on clothes. it gives them character. implies that there is a story beyond the threads.

THAT one image has inspired me to be carefree with what i wear. I'm more willing to try things out. I've always loved vintage pieces, but living in a trend driven environment made me scared of ridicule and less willing to be public with my love for vivid interpretation. this is how i channeled my inner Oroma:

I've also been inspired by this one image to do a new blog project. I don't know what to call it yet, but basically its 7 renditions of outfits that I find anywhere really. hey there's a idea, 7 renditions!  there is no time limit as to when this project should be complete since varsity has me in jeans and T-shirts most of the time. I am however, limited to vintage inspirations. I'll do sneak previews on my twitter and stuff like that. just a fun way to re engage myself with  SMEARED LIPSTICK. so follow there as well for updates.

AS usual tweet me, email me, share your own interpretations using #7RENDITIONS , comment or call (lol no). life isn't as fun without you guys. lets start something BIG! till next time,