Tuesday, 5 November 2013

RENDITION #2 - Youthfull Reminisce


THIS rendition was uber fun to pull of. wore it to school and for a good 2hours outside the safety of home, i could feel the stares as i walked on by. i was so self-conscious till i got my first compliment, then it was smooth sailing from there. 

I DIYed this old T that I got when I was in 3rd grade for a school play we did (yea we were awesome, I know). I cut the sleeves and the collar out then pulled some threads at the hem, sassed it up with some menacing lipstick and VOILA! perfection. all that aside my favorite part had to be the hair!! inspired by so many 90s movies about living in Detroit and other ghettos, TLC and suprisingly Rihanna as well..hmm.. I give you rendition #2.

THIS look was totally out of my forte. before this outfit, I had never walked out of the house showing the slightest bit of stomach. I'll never really be 100% okay with how I look, but I've slowly stopped caring how society has labelled me. who knew blogging would allow me to have a positive body image. I truly hope someone out there is inspired to just let themselves be.

LOOKING forward to bringing you some more vintage finds. keep checking back. tweet me your interpretations. I've been thinking of featuring your pics! remember its #7renditions! love more, be more, take risks and keep on SMEARING!