Wednesday, 6 November 2013



HOW are you doing today? I for one am tired AF lately. between school, relationships and maintaining this platform, I rarely get a chance to "smell the roses". luckily these are all the things I enjoy so life isn't actually that bad come to think of it.

TODAY I didn't feel like making an effort... I wanted something easy and fast. I am known for being quite an androgynous dresser, so for my 3rd Rendition I slid back into my comfort zone. cue the likes of mother retro herself, Janelle Monae and the YSL 'le smoking tuxedo' trend from way back in the 60s. jujed up with hints of leather, smokey eyes and a dab of eyeliner to make my lips look more menacing I almost had it. the only problem was I do not know how to NOT smile, because lets face it you can't successfully cross dress without a b!@#&y personality to match! instead it became a mix of broken black Barbie and school girl charm meets " don't fux with me today."

I STILL tried to keep the vintage vibe going by adding the puffy sleeved blouse with a peter pan collar and the wide brim hat, (something that keeps reminding me of old Woody Allen movies)... how would you interpret this look? share it with me maybe?  till next time


I just realised this is the first post I've ever sweared in. ANYHOW we could all send manners to hell once in a while. keep in touch honey!