Sunday, 1 December 2013



I should probably start this post off by getting all poetic talking about "when the young and rebellious dive in in reckless abandon blah blah blah..." so as to explain these images! I should. but how about if i keep it 100 with you. I was faded, and for some reason I wanted to catch moments not poses so yeah. then there was also the battery problem. it is however my intention to double up the fun. this is just the night through my eyes. I will later add on the actual events and proper images! this is just preliminary.

I went to Summer Soirees with my girl Tumie Terry (yes her name and nickname must be combined or else it does not have the same effect). this was an event hosted by Samsung to reveal their next big "IT" item. it promised to be an event full of good food, fashion, technology and an overall fabulous experience. hosted in the sky at Absolute Bar, alcohol was practically free!  we got there way early so we decided to have a few drinks at Cappellos while we waited. (maybe not a great idea judging from what lays ahead)



WE came back and then we knew. it was time. THE music was on point and socializing started to seem important.

I have so much love for these people though.

friendliest staff ever!


WE met a wonderful soul by the name of Rose, who is a lifestyle reporter for the Tswana news. she became bestie for the night. :) 

I KNOW I CHEATED. GOT TWO OF THESE PICS FROM THE #SSSamsungReveal fb page. can u guess which ones?

and as night falls life's problems dont seem all that problematic anymore.

samsung models sashaying about with their gadgets!



IT also happened to be a night of great wins too. meet the winner of the GALAXY S4 and Note 3 winners Tshepo and Thato. they were in too much disbelief for me to even consider throwing shade :( dear number 105 I will never accept you ever again.

also from their facebook page

getting turnt!

I had heart palpitations this morning when i found this pic amongst my stash of druggy photographs. social scene royalty!! its my personal hero THEE Tsholo Dikobe of the Khoi-fro Blog and Tshepo Ntshole of Gabz FM. for once the blurs were in the right places. but alas it is not all joy. with the happiness came a wave of sheer disappointment and self hate. I remember passing by her on my way to the other end. she was alone and I had coughed up enough courage to talk to her, but do you know what I said..huh? I said "Hi i just wanted to tell you how much I love your outfit"..which was a complete lie because I practically wanted to have a novel and a sequel of half intelligent conversation with her. I deserve face-palms for the rest of my life. and as if she isn't used to getting compliments she smiled in disbelief and gave the most sincere thank you of all time. (SCREW YOU I know I'm biased)

highlight of my life

AND well the rest is just a funny story I might tell my great granchildren one day. I really enjoyed myself. you know what i love most about events like summer soirees? definitely not the heavy stench of snobbish self importance. that was non existent (except from just a few). everyone mingled and you couldn't have left without at least 3 new contacts. its the nonchalant vibes and the smell of new money. the fact that only a few people were able to pull through means everyone was able to settle in fast. so what if we cant dance i danced the night away! i have no critic about the day except maybe poor time management in the beginning, but hey the delays set the mood for a bit. do right guys. do Samsung!

IF you missed it, it's happening again at High Tea on the 6th of December. no more FOMO!! next year please join me when the cool kids come out to play.

P.S. yes Terry is being used as the perpetrator of bad behavior instead of myself.