Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Hi smears

note that there are no exclamation marks or dramatic upper case letters in my greetings. please also note that this is by no means a sign of impending doom, nor is it because of a lack of enthusiasm to blog. that day will hopefully never come for I fear I might lose all sense of sanity if it did. no, smears, nothing like that. I simply did not wish to impose a false sense of over-excitement on you or on myself when all im currently feeling is contention (I sincerely hope that that's a word).

As we hit the half mark of the year I thought I would give you guys a little update. at the beginning of the year I gave you guys the full sob-story that was my life. in case you missed it CLICK HERE. anyway in the sob story I promised myself that this year would be all about me. I would take back my life and my happiness would no longer depend on anyone else but me. I am pleased to report that this is the only resolution I made and kept. I do no want to say  that I've fulfilled it because self appreciation is something you work on every single day, not all day everyday, that would be exhausting.  its in those little moments when you have to remind yourself that you have done your best and dissapointment was and is always going to be part of the plan, that you eat away at your pain. 

I'm sitting in a silent room right now and for the first time in a long time I'm alone with my thoughts. I just realised that my blog is 1 year 1 week 4 days old today. WOW! can't believe I missed that. anyway happy belated birthday to us all...yaay! promise to make a bigger deal of it next year. 23rd of April. mark your calanders!

today as I reflect on the past few months I'm content. today isn't the day for OTT punctuations. all I wanted to do today was to tell everyone that I am OK.

bye smears

Wednesday, 21 May 2014



WELL, it seems I have forgotten that my love for blogging did not originate from my own personal style. my passion for spotting trends and trendy people was the original inspiration. I am uber excited to share something with you that I've been seeing everywhere from runways to the streets and its even started seeping into home decor. if you hadn't already guessed that something is the colour pink!!

THE colour pink is often associated with being physically weak, over-emotional and over-cautious, having emotional neediness or unrealistic expectations, being naive, immature and girlish, lack of will power and lack of self worth. scary, I know. But when used correctly it represents an unconditional and romantic love, compassion and understanding, nurturing, romance, warmth, hope, calming, sweetness, naiveté, being feminine and intuitive energy.

LETS me show you how easy it is to incorporate pink into our daily lives.

PINK COATS are probably the easiest way to dress up your winter wardrobe. so simple and so fun!

HEAD TO TOE PINK is also pretty cool for the more daring. be carefull though, the darker the shade of pink, the more it gets associated with eroticm. that is NOT the look we are trying to achieve. also keep your make up simple and try to break the loudness of the pink by adding neutral colours in solid textures as a base for the outfit.

DECOR! I'm gaga over pink things in the home. in this case subtlety goes a long way. too much pink ends up being tacky. it could all go really wrong really fast! it's all about balance.


I KNOW that at first glance pink is a daunting colour to wear especially for anyone over the age of 10, but its fashion's favourite colour so maybe instead of running away from it, we should all embrace it because it doesn't look like its going away. remember small doses though, I personally don't want to go around looking like a poorer version of  Nicki Minaj circa her over sized barbie faze.


Wednesday, 14 May 2014



ITS BEEN forever and a lifetime! missed you all, hope you are doing just fine in this Topsy-turfy world of fashion. I'm guilty of constantly telling you guys that I've got big plans and little secrets that I can't wait to share with you guys and never actually letting you in. today is the day I can finally share what SOME of these plans are.

I HAVE joined forces with two of my fave local bloggers, Thato and Tumie, to promote local brands. and for the very first brand we chose IDL fashions which is a boutique located at Game City and Riverwalk malls. people have a misconception about boutiques, that they are very upmarket and don't cater for different styles, but we are here to prove you wrong. I received this yellow top from IDL and styled it in a way that I think best represents who I am and what I love. Also check out my fellow team members' posts on their respective blogs as well.


I wore the yellow top with my newest favourite thing in the world, my destroyed denim dungarees! they are so cute and quirky which is the direction I wanted to take the outfit in. for extra quirk I added my jelly shoes and the little feathered hat. the beaded drop earrings added an Afro-eccentric vibe.

IDL fashions is shop 6 at Riverwalk at F7 at Game City. they have a wide range of clothes which fit any personality and any mood.. can't wait to share more. don't forget to like their facebook page IDL Fashions and follow them on Instagram @IdlFashions. for updates on more posts and plans, don't forget to like my page and follow me on Instagram as well @5inch_neon.
TILL next time because there's always a next time...God bless, and stay slaying!


Wednesday, 2 April 2014



ITS BEEN forever and a lifetime! a lot is going on in my life at the moment. trying to juggle schoolwork, blogging and a social life is no joke my friends. I suppose the fact that I still have so much energy to do all this is some kind of sign that I'm surviving. I hope you are all still sane, and hopefully not too mad at my absence, you have all been missed :*

TODAY I am uber excited to announce that I FINALLY wore jelly shoes. I got them as a gift for my birthday all the way back in February, but it never seemed a good occasion to wear them. I plucked up some courage on Monday and to be truthful it was nerve wrecking! like I previously mentioned, they are a weird concept in my city and only a select few are even keen on trying them. however, I've seen quite a few stores start to stock them in various types and colours (best believe there is a collection in the making) so I can't help but be excited at the prospect of them being the next ''it'' item among my peers. here are the results of what was a terrifying and equally awesome experience. enjoy!

I WORE my white peter pan collar shirt under these cute destroyed denim dungarees I got about a month ago. this shirt always gives people the impression that I'm into some weird stuff. when I wore it here apparently I looked Amish, in this look apparently I looked like I could yodel. don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Amish people and yodellers are weird I'm just saying that that's not the look I was going for.

I TEAMED my jellies with these fun socks because I felt like the look needed a ''ha ha'' factor (that, and I couldn't find plain white socks anywhere!). as always my hat was not far behind, although it did give me hell because of my poetic justice braids, but I managed.

A POP of color was much needed as I felt my face was too plain so I added my buddy's red lippy for extra cuteness. for extra prep, I added my other buddy's backpack, but that was only for the shoot since I'm a thuuurg like that LOL! and that was the end of my look..

I hope u liked it, maybe I even inspired you to get your own pair? yes? no? okay. I still love you regardless huntay! till next time hugs and kisses all around! XoXo

P.S. I really love my braids :)


Tuesday, 11 March 2014



LATELY I've been feeling just a little uninspired, but I hate leaving you guys in the dark so here's a little something to jump start your day. this past year, royal blue or electric blue, if you may, has been having a serious fashion moment. I currently do not own anything in this colour, but given a few months and a lot of money this is going to be a prominent feature in my closet. it is the perfect mix of playful and mature and is just the right pop of colour to take you through your day.

I FIND that it works well against white, cream and nude shades. the more daring may pair it with other loud shades like yellow, mustard and tangerine (yes, it seems risky, but it's elegantly flawless when paired with confidence). timid girls, however, might want to start off with one or two small bits first. accessories wise, metal, metal, metal. its looks absolutely divine and even more so when the outfit has different patterns and textures such as lace or leather and sometimes even both.

HERE are a few mood boards to give you some ideas on how to style it.

royal blue

P.S. do NOT pay attention to that boring old adage that you can't wear blue and black together. that is rubbish! these two colours together are to an outfit what Beyonce is to 2014. everything!

so gorgeous. like..HOW CUTE IS THIS?

ALTHOUGH we might never get to be royals, we can fake it till we make it. with that, always remember to let love lead my sweets. 


Friday, 28 February 2014



THIS is my first post since my 18th Birthday which if you follow me on twitter or liked my page, you would know was on Saturday. the 22nd of February is a big deal for me and I make sure everyone knows it. (yes. I am that girl). the day before it. I went on a #balloonmission at school where I gave out balloons with extremely cheesy messages and song dedications inside. the balloons had "pop me" written on them and it was all basically just to get people to smile and to brighten up their day in case they weren't having a good day. I got a lot of side eyes, but I made people smile in the process so society gets 10 points in this round.

HERE'S MY OUTFIT FOR THAT: I wore my recently acquired long mummy jeans, a really cute cat T, my wide brim fedora and these totally confused shades that i love so much. to add a bit of fire to the outfit I wore these pointy flats with loud spikes. I felt it was a really nice outfit to go and #shareasmile in. it made me look all kinds of approachable and I loved it :)

DAY after that was my birthday and I got all dressed up again for a dinner with my buds Tumie and Larona. we went to 'Primi' and had a chilled one. This time I wore a cream lace peplum dress, my lovely Plum platforms and a black and gold clutch. I'm not a makeup person, but lipstick is essential. you can't see it in the pictures due to the lighting, but its actually in a gold tint. I felt it was different and all kinds of smokes even though Tumie gave me lots of side eyes for it. I added an old necklace my friend threw out as an anklet. the necklace I'm wearing here is actually a bag strap and the bangles on my arm are actually hooped earrings. SMEARS you got to learn how to improvise these days. things are pretty expensive and I'm quite cheap :").



IN CASE you were wondering, where I live being 18 means I can do the 2 D's. Drink and Drive. but like ... not together at the same time of course ... because that's dumb. I can drive to where the drinks are though :p

ANYWAY that is it for now. I promise my eighteenth year of life is dedicated to bettering myself and bettering my blog. these are the two most important things to me right now. second only to bettering my faith. till next time,


Sunday, 16 February 2014



I TOLD YOU I wouldn't forget! hope you had a fabulous V-day smears! I had a fantastic one. no, I didn't get anything from anyone. it was spent at school so I was pretty indifferent to the hype since most people who were celebrating didn't pitch up on campus.

ANYWAYS like I said in the last post, I'm not about this dressing for valentines day life so I took quite an odd route and wore neutrals...the vintage way. I was inspired by this gorgeous lady I found way back on Trevor Stuurman's blog. and once I saw her loitering around on my laptop I knew it was time to bring back the #7Renditions project. I don't know what it is about this I love, but she reminds me of something I saw in a movie once.

LIKE I said. there is no time limit and I'm choosing to pace myself with these renditions since it's something I really value. ENJOY!!

I WORE my my infamous brown shirt because in this heat I obviously couldn't put on any knitwear so I had to improvise a bit. I was ecstatic when I realised I finally had a reason to wear the matching pants from the blazer I wore in the bloggers linkup a while ago. I folded them as I felt they were at such an awkward length (and then whipped out my secret weapon to keep the hem in place).


FOR ACCESSORIES I wore my headscarf which I got from my late great grandmother, my somewhat scary ring and my round sunnies. I wore my staple shoes again because I love them and also to add to the vibe. my hooped cross earrings were a last minute addition, but I felt like they were a bit too much, so I turned one of them into an ear cuff, simply by tucking my ear under it. ADMITTEDLY, it was a weird concept, but well I'm basically a unicorn anyway, LOL!

IT TOOK FOREVER TO GET IT RIGHT. then it started getting loose. THEN I GAVE UP

WELL that was my look. just 3 more renditions to go. I need to think about those a bit more carefully.

Please remember to tweet me, email me or even tag me on Facebook, pictures of your own interpretations of outfits, vintage or not, using the #7Renditons! I really enjoy hearing from all of you. with that,


Thursday, 13 February 2014



I haven't asked you guys how you've been in a while. this extreme lack of politeness is totally beneath me and the reasons for it equally beyond me. so let me begin by asking HOW HAVE YOU BEEN SMEAR? I'm great, thanks for caring. (I know you probably weren't interested, but I thought I should let you know anyway).

THIS was my OOTD last week Friday. it was raining and the sky had been sad and teary the whole week so I decided to inject some life into my day by wearing a bold colour, weird details, floral and polka dots. let me let you in on a little secret. this was my Valentines day outfit. I hate dressing for it on the actual day as it makes me feel like a window display. so I always try to dress up ahead of time. If you are going out on a date tomorrow however, feel free to be inspired. I would like to give a big shout out to Tumie, Baphuting and Larona for standing with me out in the rain helping me pose for the perfect shots. best photography team ever :)

HERE is the look.

I wore my mommy jeans again. this time I paired them with my DIY lace sweetheart neckline crop top, my polka dot crop blazer and a straw hat. on my feet are my Tommy lace ups (every college student's staple shoe). I also toned down the harshness of my triangular neck piece by bringing out some more fun with an owl necklace.

THE story behind this hat is weird. I bought it strictly to use as a farm hat. I've used it maybe three times for that purpose and its been stashed in my closet ever since, (often getting squashed underneath my pile of other misused items of clothing). it has never been my intention to actually wear it about town, but the previous night I found it and it made me feel so cute. it just made sense to wear it with an outfit like this (getting my farm-girl swag on giirrrl). 

YOU may also notice that the pockets have some detailing on them today. I used the left over material from the dress turned crop top  to create some V-day inspired patchwork on the back pocket. I stapled it down since I couldn't find a needle anywhere. plus it makes it easier to remove if I ever get tired of it. I did the same thing inside the front pocket to add some charm to the jeans.

HONESTLY though how are you? I hope you are doing well and that 2014 is shaping up the way we had hoped it would. for me, so far, it has been chilling. nothing to write home about yet. well maybe except for the fact that for the first time in a long time there is no drama in my life, (AWESOME! I know).


I HOPE you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed creating it. may the stars above continue to shine brightly on each and every one of you..and oh yes, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL MY FASHION LOVERS OUT THERE!!