Friday, 28 February 2014



THIS is my first post since my 18th Birthday which if you follow me on twitter or liked my page, you would know was on Saturday. the 22nd of February is a big deal for me and I make sure everyone knows it. (yes. I am that girl). the day before it. I went on a #balloonmission at school where I gave out balloons with extremely cheesy messages and song dedications inside. the balloons had "pop me" written on them and it was all basically just to get people to smile and to brighten up their day in case they weren't having a good day. I got a lot of side eyes, but I made people smile in the process so society gets 10 points in this round.

HERE'S MY OUTFIT FOR THAT: I wore my recently acquired long mummy jeans, a really cute cat T, my wide brim fedora and these totally confused shades that i love so much. to add a bit of fire to the outfit I wore these pointy flats with loud spikes. I felt it was a really nice outfit to go and #shareasmile in. it made me look all kinds of approachable and I loved it :)

DAY after that was my birthday and I got all dressed up again for a dinner with my buds Tumie and Larona. we went to 'Primi' and had a chilled one. This time I wore a cream lace peplum dress, my lovely Plum platforms and a black and gold clutch. I'm not a makeup person, but lipstick is essential. you can't see it in the pictures due to the lighting, but its actually in a gold tint. I felt it was different and all kinds of smokes even though Tumie gave me lots of side eyes for it. I added an old necklace my friend threw out as an anklet. the necklace I'm wearing here is actually a bag strap and the bangles on my arm are actually hooped earrings. SMEARS you got to learn how to improvise these days. things are pretty expensive and I'm quite cheap :").



IN CASE you were wondering, where I live being 18 means I can do the 2 D's. Drink and Drive. but like ... not together at the same time of course ... because that's dumb. I can drive to where the drinks are though :p

ANYWAY that is it for now. I promise my eighteenth year of life is dedicated to bettering myself and bettering my blog. these are the two most important things to me right now. second only to bettering my faith. till next time,


Sunday, 16 February 2014



I TOLD YOU I wouldn't forget! hope you had a fabulous V-day smears! I had a fantastic one. no, I didn't get anything from anyone. it was spent at school so I was pretty indifferent to the hype since most people who were celebrating didn't pitch up on campus.

ANYWAYS like I said in the last post, I'm not about this dressing for valentines day life so I took quite an odd route and wore neutrals...the vintage way. I was inspired by this gorgeous lady I found way back on Trevor Stuurman's blog. and once I saw her loitering around on my laptop I knew it was time to bring back the #7Renditions project. I don't know what it is about this I love, but she reminds me of something I saw in a movie once.

LIKE I said. there is no time limit and I'm choosing to pace myself with these renditions since it's something I really value. ENJOY!!

I WORE my my infamous brown shirt because in this heat I obviously couldn't put on any knitwear so I had to improvise a bit. I was ecstatic when I realised I finally had a reason to wear the matching pants from the blazer I wore in the bloggers linkup a while ago. I folded them as I felt they were at such an awkward length (and then whipped out my secret weapon to keep the hem in place).


FOR ACCESSORIES I wore my headscarf which I got from my late great grandmother, my somewhat scary ring and my round sunnies. I wore my staple shoes again because I love them and also to add to the vibe. my hooped cross earrings were a last minute addition, but I felt like they were a bit too much, so I turned one of them into an ear cuff, simply by tucking my ear under it. ADMITTEDLY, it was a weird concept, but well I'm basically a unicorn anyway, LOL!

IT TOOK FOREVER TO GET IT RIGHT. then it started getting loose. THEN I GAVE UP

WELL that was my look. just 3 more renditions to go. I need to think about those a bit more carefully.

Please remember to tweet me, email me or even tag me on Facebook, pictures of your own interpretations of outfits, vintage or not, using the #7Renditons! I really enjoy hearing from all of you. with that,


Thursday, 13 February 2014



I haven't asked you guys how you've been in a while. this extreme lack of politeness is totally beneath me and the reasons for it equally beyond me. so let me begin by asking HOW HAVE YOU BEEN SMEAR? I'm great, thanks for caring. (I know you probably weren't interested, but I thought I should let you know anyway).

THIS was my OOTD last week Friday. it was raining and the sky had been sad and teary the whole week so I decided to inject some life into my day by wearing a bold colour, weird details, floral and polka dots. let me let you in on a little secret. this was my Valentines day outfit. I hate dressing for it on the actual day as it makes me feel like a window display. so I always try to dress up ahead of time. If you are going out on a date tomorrow however, feel free to be inspired. I would like to give a big shout out to Tumie, Baphuting and Larona for standing with me out in the rain helping me pose for the perfect shots. best photography team ever :)

HERE is the look.

I wore my mommy jeans again. this time I paired them with my DIY lace sweetheart neckline crop top, my polka dot crop blazer and a straw hat. on my feet are my Tommy lace ups (every college student's staple shoe). I also toned down the harshness of my triangular neck piece by bringing out some more fun with an owl necklace.

THE story behind this hat is weird. I bought it strictly to use as a farm hat. I've used it maybe three times for that purpose and its been stashed in my closet ever since, (often getting squashed underneath my pile of other misused items of clothing). it has never been my intention to actually wear it about town, but the previous night I found it and it made me feel so cute. it just made sense to wear it with an outfit like this (getting my farm-girl swag on giirrrl). 

YOU may also notice that the pockets have some detailing on them today. I used the left over material from the dress turned crop top  to create some V-day inspired patchwork on the back pocket. I stapled it down since I couldn't find a needle anywhere. plus it makes it easier to remove if I ever get tired of it. I did the same thing inside the front pocket to add some charm to the jeans.

HONESTLY though how are you? I hope you are doing well and that 2014 is shaping up the way we had hoped it would. for me, so far, it has been chilling. nothing to write home about yet. well maybe except for the fact that for the first time in a long time there is no drama in my life, (AWESOME! I know).


I HOPE you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed creating it. may the stars above continue to shine brightly on each and every one of you..and oh yes, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL MY FASHION LOVERS OUT THERE!!


Thursday, 6 February 2014



I'LL begin by welcoming you all to the best month in the year. I might be biased since I'm born in this month, but whats not to love. we are approaching the end of summer, so the heat is less intense and temperatures are just so perfect. it's also the month of love! (stop rolling your eyes at me). I'm not a romantic, but its cute how people will readily spend on overpriced gifts and cheap gimmicks for their "beaus".

THE prospect of being single on valentines day neither terrifies nor annoys me. I've never celebrated it and I don't think I ever will, but I've never wallowed in self pity just because no one sent me a bunch of  fake flowers or invited me to a candle lit dinner. in fact I think single people should use the day to celebrate being single! there are way more ups than downs. if you insist in moping at least be productive. think about the qualities you want in your partner and reflect on if you think they are realistic or not. and at the top of the list jot down 'well dressed', 'cuz on the real, who doesn't want someone to fashion it forward with?

ON THAT NOTE, here are a couple of males who even offer me some inspiration. like I always say (not really, but from now on I will), when you lose hope, shop the men's section! if you aren't single, don't be afraid to show your mans the light. if he is already killing it send me some pics and he might be SMEAR LAND'S first hunk of the week.

- this is the guy that every woman wants to be with. he will truly love only one of these women without ceasing to notice all the other women. gone are the days of boring pin striped suits. he has an expensive scent and wears the hell out of these bold colours and accessories (I'm a sucker for any man with a bowler bag). he is a catch.



- smells like cigarettes, love and other drugs. he passes by and Blue Jeans starts playing in the background. white T-shirt, jeans and a black leather jacket feature regularly. he has a distracted expression, he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. this only fuels your intrigue. he is an artist. admittedly he does come off as a jerk, but once he loves you, he will love you, endlessly.




- you suspect he is gay but can't be too sure. once confirmed everything makes sense. If he isn't you still don't mind. he always did know how to throw together the most insane print parties. you love him most. he gives the best advice and isn't afraid to critic you! besides, he smells like candy. how can u resist?



These are the men we see in our dreams. go and have fabulous fashion affairs with them down Fifth Avenue. remember though, one of these days you might meet someone who is all of the above and a bag of chips rolled into one. inconsistent in his style which will make him twice as attractive and twice more dangerous.