Friday, 28 February 2014



THIS is my first post since my 18th Birthday which if you follow me on twitter or liked my page, you would know was on Saturday. the 22nd of February is a big deal for me and I make sure everyone knows it. (yes. I am that girl). the day before it. I went on a #balloonmission at school where I gave out balloons with extremely cheesy messages and song dedications inside. the balloons had "pop me" written on them and it was all basically just to get people to smile and to brighten up their day in case they weren't having a good day. I got a lot of side eyes, but I made people smile in the process so society gets 10 points in this round.

HERE'S MY OUTFIT FOR THAT: I wore my recently acquired long mummy jeans, a really cute cat T, my wide brim fedora and these totally confused shades that i love so much. to add a bit of fire to the outfit I wore these pointy flats with loud spikes. I felt it was a really nice outfit to go and #shareasmile in. it made me look all kinds of approachable and I loved it :)

DAY after that was my birthday and I got all dressed up again for a dinner with my buds Tumie and Larona. we went to 'Primi' and had a chilled one. This time I wore a cream lace peplum dress, my lovely Plum platforms and a black and gold clutch. I'm not a makeup person, but lipstick is essential. you can't see it in the pictures due to the lighting, but its actually in a gold tint. I felt it was different and all kinds of smokes even though Tumie gave me lots of side eyes for it. I added an old necklace my friend threw out as an anklet. the necklace I'm wearing here is actually a bag strap and the bangles on my arm are actually hooped earrings. SMEARS you got to learn how to improvise these days. things are pretty expensive and I'm quite cheap :").



IN CASE you were wondering, where I live being 18 means I can do the 2 D's. Drink and Drive. but like ... not together at the same time of course ... because that's dumb. I can drive to where the drinks are though :p

ANYWAY that is it for now. I promise my eighteenth year of life is dedicated to bettering myself and bettering my blog. these are the two most important things to me right now. second only to bettering my faith. till next time,