Sunday, 16 February 2014



I TOLD YOU I wouldn't forget! hope you had a fabulous V-day smears! I had a fantastic one. no, I didn't get anything from anyone. it was spent at school so I was pretty indifferent to the hype since most people who were celebrating didn't pitch up on campus.

ANYWAYS like I said in the last post, I'm not about this dressing for valentines day life so I took quite an odd route and wore neutrals...the vintage way. I was inspired by this gorgeous lady I found way back on Trevor Stuurman's blog. and once I saw her loitering around on my laptop I knew it was time to bring back the #7Renditions project. I don't know what it is about this I love, but she reminds me of something I saw in a movie once.

LIKE I said. there is no time limit and I'm choosing to pace myself with these renditions since it's something I really value. ENJOY!!

I WORE my my infamous brown shirt because in this heat I obviously couldn't put on any knitwear so I had to improvise a bit. I was ecstatic when I realised I finally had a reason to wear the matching pants from the blazer I wore in the bloggers linkup a while ago. I folded them as I felt they were at such an awkward length (and then whipped out my secret weapon to keep the hem in place).


FOR ACCESSORIES I wore my headscarf which I got from my late great grandmother, my somewhat scary ring and my round sunnies. I wore my staple shoes again because I love them and also to add to the vibe. my hooped cross earrings were a last minute addition, but I felt like they were a bit too much, so I turned one of them into an ear cuff, simply by tucking my ear under it. ADMITTEDLY, it was a weird concept, but well I'm basically a unicorn anyway, LOL!

IT TOOK FOREVER TO GET IT RIGHT. then it started getting loose. THEN I GAVE UP

WELL that was my look. just 3 more renditions to go. I need to think about those a bit more carefully.

Please remember to tweet me, email me or even tag me on Facebook, pictures of your own interpretations of outfits, vintage or not, using the #7Renditons! I really enjoy hearing from all of you. with that,