Tuesday, 11 March 2014



LATELY I've been feeling just a little uninspired, but I hate leaving you guys in the dark so here's a little something to jump start your day. this past year, royal blue or electric blue, if you may, has been having a serious fashion moment. I currently do not own anything in this colour, but given a few months and a lot of money this is going to be a prominent feature in my closet. it is the perfect mix of playful and mature and is just the right pop of colour to take you through your day.

I FIND that it works well against white, cream and nude shades. the more daring may pair it with other loud shades like yellow, mustard and tangerine (yes, it seems risky, but it's elegantly flawless when paired with confidence). timid girls, however, might want to start off with one or two small bits first. accessories wise, metal, metal, metal. its looks absolutely divine and even more so when the outfit has different patterns and textures such as lace or leather and sometimes even both.

HERE are a few mood boards to give you some ideas on how to style it.

royal blue

P.S. do NOT pay attention to that boring old adage that you can't wear blue and black together. that is rubbish! these two colours together are to an outfit what Beyonce is to 2014. everything!

so gorgeous. like..HOW CUTE IS THIS?

ALTHOUGH we might never get to be royals, we can fake it till we make it. with that, always remember to let love lead my sweets.